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Kannect is a Community Engagement Platform that is reimagining how you connect, communicate, and collaborate with Members, Supporters, Volunteers or online Followers and harness their loyalty to grow your cause.

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Why Kannect

Our platform is designed to help you stay connected with your loyal community members and leverage their support to grow your impact.

Emails Don't Work

Relying on newsletters to communicate your message to your audience is proving ineffective, considering the excessive number of emails people are receiving.

Content Overload

Capturing people's attention has become increasingly challenging due to the overwhelming volume of content that's being shared on social media platforms.

Today's Busy Lifestyle

In the hustle of today's fast-paced world, while people desire to engage with the community, they need tools that can improve their productivity.


What We Do

We simplify community engagement by offering a wide range of social connection features that enable community managers to effectively collaborate with your members.

  • Easy Connection

    SaaS platform for social/community organizations and nonprofits to efficiently manag your community relationship.

  • Direct Communication

    Effortlessly communicate events, campaigns, updates, and notices to the community through a convenient mobile app.

  • Effective Collaboration

    Enhance the coordination and efficiency of business operations by assigning tasks to team members and volunteers.

Unlock your Community's full potential

Connect effectively with your community and let the members help you grow your cause.

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How It Works

Setting up your community is quick and easy. In just a few minutes, you can elevate your community outreach efforts.

  • Sign Up

    Create an account for your community.

  • Create Profile

    Setup your Community profile.

  • Invite Members

    Ask your followers to join the Community.

  • Start Communicating

    Share Events, Updates and Send Group Messages.

Who We Serve

We help you stay connected with your loyal community that believes in your cause and supports you to grow your impact.

Business Associations

Our platform facilitates seamless communication for associations, enabling them to share events and updates with their members.

Support Groups

The Kannect Mobile App serves as a tool for Supportive & Therapeutic Groups to maintain member motivation and engagement.

Education Institutions

We empower educational institutions to establish connections with students and parents, fostering enhanced communication and engagement.

Sports Clubs & Teams

Sports clubs utilize our platform and the mobile app to keep the team well-informed about schedules and any updates or changes.

Religious Institutions

Our platform allows religious groups to send daily motivational quotes and messages, fostering a sense of inspiration and community among members.

Nonprofits & Charities

Our platform empowers nonprofits to maintain communication with donors, volunteers and supporters providing them with updates on new initiatives.

Why organizations us

Kannect is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of productivity features designed to support communities and groups in their growth.

Simplify Work

Gen AI powered Dashboard and user-friendly mobile app for improved productivity.

Alerts & Notification

Members receive notifications for events, tasks and community updates.

Members Payments

Ensure timely collection of member dues, fees to stay financially healthy.

Cloud Based SaaS

No software to install or setup cost. Subscription model and cancel anytime.


You have the flexibility to customize the platform as per your group's needs.


Gain insights into how your members are engaging with your organization.

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Helping Nonprofits get the Resources they Need

The United Nations' 17 SDGs or Global Goals closely align with our core values. As our support for these goals, we offer a Free subscription of our Kannect Platform to nonprofits that support these goals.
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