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Manage member relationships and encourage community engagement with tools for businesses, communities, nonprofits and social organizations.


What You Get

As an organization or social group, our platform provides you with a wide range of social connection features that enable you to effectively collaborate with your community.

  • Kannect Dashboard

    SaaS platform for social/community organizations and nonprofits to efficiently manag your community relationship.

  • Kannect Mobile

    Mobile app for members to manage memberships, join events, dontae, volunteer and support the causes they care about.

  • Kannect Discover

    Web portal for organizations to promote their events, find new donors, supporters and build a stronger community.

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The Features That Work

The Kannect Dashboard is a SaaS platform that offers communication and marketing tools for communities, nonprofits and social organizations to better manage member relationships and get more done.

Member Management

You can manage your members effortlessly from a single dashboard. You have the flexibility to customize membership applications, create multiple membership plans, monitor membership approvals and denials, receive alerts for renewals, share community updates, contact members, promote events, track donations, and handle all ongoing communication with members.

Popular feature

Messaging/ Communication

Kannect enables you to effortlessly send individual or group messages to all members or specific groups of members. Plus, you can conveniently manage all your communication with members from one central platform. So no more getting lost in emails!

Popular feature

Task Tracker

Efficient delegation is crucial for enabling your organization to operate effectively, and quick task assignment with prioritization, due dates, and notes can help streamline this process. By utilizing these features, you can delegate tasks more efficiently and allow your organization to focus on achieving its goals.

Content Marketing

Kannect provides you with the functionality to easily create and publish events, campaigns and announcements for your organization and share them with members. Members can join events, donate and even share these contents with their network to help promote the cause. This allows your organization to not only effectively manage events, but also increase your visibility and reach to a wider audience.

Other Features

Kannect Platform offers many other features for organizations and there members.







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Kannect App

Mobile App for users to manager their Memberships, connecting them directly with organizations and the Causes they care about.


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