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Features for every Organization

Kannect Dashboard provides features that help you build a strong Community and grow your Cause.

Member Management

Manage membership applications, offer multiple membership plans, track membership approvals/denials, send alerts for renewals and share program updates.

Member Communication

Add your network and contacts for an all in one contact management system. Update your network on your organization's progress or share important news quickly.

Task Tracker

Effectively manage your organization's tasks by assigning them to members, setting their priorities, marking due dates and adding notes to delegate more efficiently.

Events Marketing

Get your members together for online or in-person events. Kannect ensures your events and event updates are shared directly to members for high attendence.

Member Mobile App

A dedicated mobile application for your members to communicate directly with your org, manage their assigned tasks, and keep their memberships up to date.

Kannect Discover

Public portal for users and businesses to learn more about organization, the causes they support, events, activities and how to become a member/volunteer.

Helping Nonprofits get the Resources they Need

The United Nations' 17 SDGs or Global Goals closely align with our core values. To support these goals, your organization can receive a free subscription to Kannect platform to further your cause.
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All-in-One Platform

Connect with members, manage your organization and grow your Cause.

Easily engage your members with seamless communication, manage all your audience information in one place, and and gain the insights into your operations that are essential for your growth.

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Your path to Success

  • Connect

    It's time to move beyond traditional CRM. Kannect helps your org manage and grow your members, contacts, and leads.

  • Communicate

    Guarnteed delivery of your messages to your audience without being lost in doomscrolling on social media or overflowing email boxes.

  • Collaborate

    Access to all your contacts with the ability to assign tasks, share events and campaigns to drive your organization's success.

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Kannect App

Mobile App for users to manager their Memberships, connecting them directly with organizations and the Causes they care about.


Stay updated with all your social circles.

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Download the Kannect App to directly communicate and collaborate with your clubs, HOA, business networks, school, church or any other causes you care about.