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We know that collaborating maximizes community impact. Helping impact focused organizations connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other, you can grow your cause and maximize impact.

What Partner Programs We Offer

Partnership Opportunities

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Association Partner

We collaborate with business associations, chambers of commerce, and startup ecosystems to provide benefits to their member organizations, fostering growth and engagement.

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Channel Partner

Web developers, digital marketing firms, and tech organizations recommending products can partner with us to assist their customers and enhance their offerings.

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Referral Partner

Bloggers, content creators, and similar individuals can partner with us to generate additional income through collaborative opportunities and shared initiatives.

Why Partner with Us

Partnership Benefits

  • Support Impact

    Empower social organizations to expand their reach and impact, helping them connect with more people and advance their mission and cause.

  • Member Perks

    Members of the assocation partners enjoy exclusive discounts on Kannect, accessing communication and marketing tools to enhance community engagement and business growth.

  • Growth Opportunity

    Enhanced visibility on our website offers the opportunity to expand your membership base and reach a broader audience, fostering organizational growth and engagement.

Who Do We Work With

Our Partners

Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center

Shaping the future of the nonprofit sector in Southeast Texas

The mission of the Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center (Center) is to provide the tools, resources, and cross-sector relationships necessary for nonprofits to effectively fulfill their missions. The Center serves nonprofits and funders in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, and Chambers counties.

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